Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Top 10: Celebrities with Style

by Jasmine Conrad

How does one go about defining style...I personally believe this to be an incredibly dynamic and ever-changing task. But for the sake of this article, lets define "style" simply as the manner of doing something that results in a distinctive appearance. Next order of business: what constitutes a celebrity...

At the core of the definition, a celebrity is one who is "famous" or simply occupies a state of being well known. I guess fame is in the eye of the beholder, but since we are temporarily taking a peek through my eyes, here is my take on the ten most fashionable men and women that I can comfortably bestow the title of "celebrity" upon. 

Random Disclaimer: I will admit that the following may not be massive super starts, but they do maintain a true dedication to their personal styles.

In no particular order of greatness:

Nicki Minaj 

You would have to be deaf and blind to not hear or see the waves that this young female hustler is making in the music industry, as well as the fashion industry. Attempting to classify her style would be as challenging as attempting to classify her alter egos. Nonetheless, her music and sense of style is unparalleled. 

(image 1, 2

Blake Lively

This blonde atomic bomb shell is Mr. Karl Lagerfeld's favorite "All-American Girl." Golden hair and tone legs that go on for miles, this young female superstar owns the Red Carpet with her sexy, innovative dress choices. 

(image 1, 2


Cuter than a little croissant, this French techno-phenom delivers unique French rhyme schemes and genuine techno tracks all warped up in his swagtastic bow tie ensembles. 

Theophilius London 

The only thing more cool than a British accent is the British accent accompanied by imense style and hip-hop/electro talent. Following this logic, Theophilus London is a pretty icey dude....plus his name is beyond awesome. 

(image 1, 2, 3

Joshua Gordon 

Who is Joshua Gordon? Only the filthiest thing to come out of Dublin...and I mean that as the highest complement. CEO and founder of "Fucking Filthy" clothing, as well as local DJ, Mr. Joshua Gordon has a unique style, akin to the likes of a mischievous Irish school boy that hustles fantastic techno beats and semi-offensive shirts after school.

Tyler, the Creator 

Even if you lived under a rock you would know who this young gentleman is, and you better be aware that he has been nominated for a VMA for his music video, "Yonkers." Tyler, the Creator, leader of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, makes music that violently accosts ones cebreal cortex, but in the most freeing and beneficial way. As for his style...perhaps swagged out grandpa clothes on a young kid from LA? Either way, I like it.

(image 1, 2

Mara Hruby 

This talented young woman has mad love for the 1920's. Her jazz siren voice mixed with her flavorful R&B cool fantastically resonates in her clothing. 

(image 1, 2

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 

When did Joseph Gordon-Levitt grow up and start wearing exceptionally tailored suits? Who really cares when it happened, the important point is that it did...and it looks great. Simplicity is never overrated, especially when it results in fantastically tailored suits and cute sweater/slack combos. 

Allison Mosshart 

The led-singer from the Dead Weather and the Kills reps the 1970's on the daily. Grungy fur coats, disheveled bangs and all...

(image 1, 2

Florence Welch 

Everyone loves a ginger...especially one who dresses themselves in fantastically red-hair flattering bohemian garments....something that Florence Welch, of Florence and the Machine, does with intense grace and ease. 

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