Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ave-etry (Poetry) : Caught in the Allure

by Charleco Scipio
Lyrics by Rickey Palmer and Jeremiah Owens
   This week for our Poetry section I wanted to showcase one of my favorite iLLiE songs "Allure". Rickey starts this one off, its one of his best verses in my opinion. He mentions The Sopranos, Monopoly, the Dow Jones and best of all there's a Lord of the Rings reference.

"I'm a grown man fighting for the cause,
You writing just because you a grown man
Huh I look handsome for the cameras, bow tie, long tail tux like I play the Grand Piano.
I be loaded you ain't gotta hand me ammo,
Come to that we keep it in the family like Sopranos.
Move on for the new Don,
Address and keep close to the green like a crouton.
This game will turn your friends against you its Monopoly.
You take a chance they could strip you of your property.
I watched the cards dealt, honestly,
I couldn't put my life near a gamble like the slot machines...
...Game might grab you and lock you up
I'm down for the fight right?
 Locked down, chains on my wrist don't glisten, these diamonds rough.
Platinum's in submission but gold's in the choke hold
Become restless for your precious,
Tryna keep em anxious for that ring, huh Frodo?
So I leave a message, Its me calling back
Click over, well now you just get the dial tone,
or walk a milestone
in these shoes outta stock, better check the Dow Jones..." Rickey "Skeme" Palmer 'Allure'

   This is Jeremiah's verse towards the end. Jeremiah is known for spitting pretty quick, honestly its hard for me to catch some of what he says so I'm always surprised when I finally get what he's talking about. His verses will always require a little pondering, which is good.

"No more empty threats or promises,
Somethings gotta give, its something that I gotta give,
Aware that the wear could tear down
but I'm an Optimist,
Now that I found the truth there's no use not to live,
If I am not on some proper shit,
how are you not convinced?
Reflect and there's a clearer mirror back,
that's a consequence,
never thought Id need a spot in them offices,
Get out my business" Jeremiah "Laze®" Owens 'Allure'

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