Wednesday, March 7, 2012

iLLiE Life

by Charleco Scipio

  They want sick, they really need the medicine.” Words of Los Angeles rapper Laze®, member of the L.A. based group Illie. They are the equivalent of a breath of fresh air in the audio world. They are the medicine. A new sound amongst the mass production of senseless, random beats heard today. The sound of guitar, keyboard and drums accompanied by intricate lyrics can make anyone tune in.
            What got me was the music. I was instantly in the flow. Song to song. The instrumental feel of Illie is Aaron Matthew Johnson on piano, Noah Andoh on guitar, Ryan Jackson on bass and Cheo on drums. Now add Rickey “Skeme” Palmer and Jeremiah "Laze®" Owens with vocals and you are bound to hit repeat. The rappers are sure not to finish a verse with out a few sick bars. The back and forth of their verses gives listeners something else to look forward to and it flows with the music well. Let’s not forget to applaud the musicians. You can’t help but nod your head to the music.
            Illie has already released their mixtape Déjà Vu. The name comes from the fact that the mixtape is a collection of songs from various artists done with a more live feel to it. Listen and you’ll get it. Songs include: Drake’s “I’m Going In”, Kid Cudi’s “Soundtrack 2 My Life”, and Jay-Z’s “Allure”.  Illie has also dropped a few singles: On, Talk, 2033, Lights Out, and D.G.A.F. The group has a habit of making each song better than the next and if they decide to do another mixtape like Déjà Vu or just their own music then some people in the game are going to have major competition.
            Illie has been on the road to success. You’re just now noticing they’ve been gone. There is a lot more to come from Illie. Check out their blog and be sure to download Déjà Vu and their other singles. Keep your eyes and ears tuned because they are only getting started. #ILLIE

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