Monday, June 25, 2012

The Real Marvel Civil War

 By Charleco Scipio

      It's 2012. The Avengers just devastated the box office and their friend The Amazing Spider-man is due to do the same next month. But despite the name Marvel they have nothing in common when it comes to the big screen. Ultimately, the Marvel movie scene is divided. At Fox we have the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. At Sony we have the first decade Spider-man and the new decade, Amazing Spider-man. And finally, at Marvel Entertainment, we have the Avengers.

     So what's the problem? Well, any true fan knows that most of the Marvel heroes mentioned above have came in contact with each other in the comics. Wolverine has crossed paths with Hulk. Fantastic Four and the Avengers share villians. And Spider-man has connects with the Avengers. Unfortunately the big screen may never see this due to licsenceing argreements, contracts and what not. Yes, bs.

      To be honest the industry is missing out on crazy money. Coming to some type of agreement on the big screen characters will provide a wider variety of story lines which then provides for more intriguing movies that will then make tons of money. It will have Marvel fanatics dying to go to the movies.

      Also, I must say, I dont understand why Chris Evans has played both the role of Captain America and The Human Torch. I suppose it is because of the different production companies. In my opinion he played The Human Torch better. Captain America didn't really fit him. But it seems that the Fantastic Four are done and over with on the big screen so Evans will have to shape up a bit more for the Captain role.
Evans as Captain

Evans as Torch

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