Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No Shame

 By Charleco Scipio

Let me say this first; If you have not watched Shameless or your behind a couple of episodes and your one of those people who really get butt hurt when someone spoils an episode or a movie before you see it then you stop reading here. Unless you could care less then please continue.
            Shameless caught my eye at Season 1 Episode 4. Well really what caught my eye was beautiful actress Emmy Rossum as Fiona Gallagher. After watching Debbie steal a child and Kevin reveal his hidden past I was eager to see more. Since then I’ve been hooked and I believe in television once more considering I didn’t watch t.v. period. Shameless was the cure to that.
            Based on the U.K. television series with the same name, Shameless is centered on the Gallagher family. The series takes place in the Southside of Chicago and focuses on Fiona Gallagher and her younger siblings who she basically mothers to. Their father Frank Gallagher played by William H. Macy, is a money seeking alcoholic that always seems to go the extra step over the limit to get his hands on a little cash to support his habit. While that keeps him busy his kids are left to basically survive on their own. And young Fiona manages to keep it all together.
            When I first saw Season 1 it took me a second to realize that the Gallagher’s were siblings and not Fiona’s kids. Their siblings. Every last one of them seems to be struggling with some type of self problem that makes their lives quite interesting and very funny. Fiona seems to believe that her younger siblings will be clueless, helpless, and dysfunctional with out her, even though that’s not really the case. Lip doesn’t want to admit to himself that he’s got major feelings for his friend with benefits Karen, who revealed an episode ago that she was pregnant.  Yeah this doesn’t look like a good season for Lip so far considering she’s marrying Jody and is done messing with Lip. Ian is the 3rd oldest, an ROTC kid and the one who oddly hooks up with the same dude who beat Lip’s ass and robbed the store Ian used to work at. Debbie is younger than Ian, Lip and Fiona yet she acts as if she had a decade on them. She’s a young woman in a little girls body. Carl is the second youngest boy and the craziest. I’ve seen him heat up action figures in the microwave; pee on an old mans plants, break his arm on some make shift ramp, and rent the extra room to a hooker. Liam is the youngest Gallagher and the only black one (but it makes sense because he has two white parents.). Which brings us to the father and the source of it all Frank.
Frank Gallagher puts the I.D.G.A.F. in the word “Shameless”. The show could be about Frank alone and it would still have zero shame. I thought he was bad when the police brought him home drunk, or when he started to stay at Sheila’s like it was a bed and breakfast. Yet when I saw him hook up with old men, basically kill Dotty, hook up with Karen and try his hardest to keep Sheila in the house I realized the source of the outlandishness is Frank and it extends to his kids. Everyone knows Frank. They know he drinks. They know he can think of anything to get a little money. Including but not limited to: all types of fraud, leeching off of someone (Sheila, Dotty to name a couple.), picking up disability checks knowing that he isn’t injured.
I absolutely love Shameless. It’s addicting. The cast is wonderful, especially beautiful Emmy Rossum (that’s just me). Every episode leaves me with a shocked looked on my face. Shameless goes there. It’s unexpected and hilarious. Last night’s episode I was interested to see, mostly because the epic return of Steve. The suave, money making, car thief. And of course Fiona’s past (Season 1) love interest. Hopefully we get to see more of him in the 2nd season. Season 2 is airing now and the show received the “Ok” for a 3rd Season. I will be watching each and every episode. I’ve been converted. I am a Shameless fan.
            Shameless .Catch it on Showtime at 9pm every Sunday.

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